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  • Jump Manual Updates, how to most recent Jump Manual.
    Jump Manual Updates how to most recent Jump ManualThis is a transcription of the above video This question is from jumproping11. “If I order Jump Manual today will I have all the updates?” Yes, you will, and if you order Jump Manual last month, you will still have all the updates. If you order it from last year, you can always go to [...]
  • Plyometric efficiency, how to increase your plyo results.
    Plyometric efficiency how to increase your plyo resultsThis is a transcription of the above video Hey guys we have a question today from Steven Dunks on YouTube and his question is “Hey Jacob, completely agree with you working hard to make gains, what would be a suggestion that has to do with plyometricsabove the improvement level? Like adding weight or jumping as [...]
  • Does squatting stunt your growth?
    Does squatting stunt your growth-Omid Menawari asked me a question: he says does squatting stunt our growth? Your growth and no squatting doesn’t stunt your growth. You know some people might say that it will compress your spine and because it compresses your spine that’s going to make you shorter or something. But I’m just going to disagree and [...]
  • Stretching for your vertical leap, how often to stretch your muscles.
    Stretching for your vertical leap how often to stretch your muscles copyThis is a transcription of the above video Today’s question is from Way-arSangern, and his question is “Can you answer my question please, is it good to stretch your legs every day? And after leg workouts, is two days enough for recovery?” Okay,let’s attack number one first.Is it good to stretch your legs every day? [...]
  • What percent body fat should you be in order to dunk?
    jump higherThis is a transcription of the above video Hello, sweet as!This is Jacob, ok guys I’m in New Zealand and I’m going to come out with a bunch of videos. Sorry for the delay of videos but I’m going to start bringing them much more regularly once again for a little bit now. Today’s question [...]
  • Coaching Sessions Can Help You Jump Higher
    Video Transcribe: See How Coaching Sessions Can Get Results For Jumping Higher What’s up you all? So, coaching, we have a guy who records his coaching session recently. This is someone who started by barely making the rim and now putting down dunks easily. One of the secrets to his success has been that he [...]
  • Learn How to Jump Higher With Non-Weight Alternative to Squat Jumps
    Video Transcribe: What’s up guys? Flipping it, so the question today was, “Hey Jacob! Thanks for all the videos! I have a couple of questions though. Why is it that I can jump a lot higher without a basketball than with one? I used to jump pretty high when I was in high school a [...]
  • How Much Weight is Needed To Increase Your Vertical Leap?
    Video Transcribe: How Much Weight Do You Need To Lift To Jump Higher? Hey guys, next question that we have today. Sorry I thought I needed a prop, thought it would be cool if I had a basketball prop, kind of like if we were at a playground or something. So today’s question is a [...]
  • How Much Recovery Time Is Needed To Jump Higher
    Video Transcribe: What’s up? I have a question from NuclearAlf, he says, “Hey Jacob, I really like your availability. You are great! I want to know how many times a week should I rest. With my tired muscles actually I can’t jump more than 20”.” Not Jumping Higher is Not Over Training but Under Recovery [...]
  • Your Genetics And Jumping Higher
    Video Transcribe: What’s up guys? Questions we get a lot and an issue that we deal with a lot is people talk about genetics. You know genetic limitations or this and that. Today we are going to talk about two, really the only two ways I know of to overcome genetics. Can Genetics Affect Your [...]